HEARING AIDS FOR ONE LOW MONTHLY PRICE How it Works ‌This is How a Hearing Test and Fitting is coordinated ‌Find you perfect fit, without the worry: ‌1. We come to your home and test your hearing. ‌2. If you're a candidate for amplification, you'll be fit the very same day with medical grade hearing aids, precisely programmed to your hearing needs and preferences. ‌3. Wear the hearing aids for 30 days. Try them at home, at your favorite restaurant, at family gatherings - wherever your busy life takes you. ‌4. If you love them, fantastic! Purchase a subscription and enjoy the sounds of life. If not we will come pick them up. You owe nothing.

Types of hearing aids
‌We have every type of hearing aid, and are committed to helping you find the best one for your need

Invisible In The Canal

Completly In the Canal

In the Canal

Receiver In Canal

Behind the Ear

Mini Behind the Ear

Micro Receiver In Canal

Mobile Hearing Aid Test
‌Fitting, Service
‌For One Low Monthly Price