Hearing aid delivery, rental and repair service.
Yes, we are delivering services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Yes, we are completely contactless.


Do you need help with your existing hearing aids, or need new hearing aids, but don't want to leave the house due to the Corona virus? We can help! We offer a complete solution that does not require you to leave you home nor be in direct contact with a hearing care professional. We have had this same system in place for 29 years! We know that hearing is the most important aspect of communication, and to be without it during a global pandemic is not only inconvenient, it is downright scary.  We have a hearing aid delivery and repair system that keeps you safe and in the conversation. If your hearing aids are not working properly, reach out to us and we can help!

I really want to
own hearing aids.

- Nobody, Ever

Our service subscription and rental options will have you hearing your best. Always.

I do. I distinctly remember the televisions being extremely loud, yet nobody else seemed to notice. I remember not being able to communicate with my mom in peace.   Whenever I visited, I wanted to maximize my time being with the people who raised me. Instead, I ended up repeating myself 3,4....5 times, usually competing with the aforementioned television in the common area. These are precious moments that need to be remembered for what they are, not for what they should have been if it weren't for that yipping dog, Fluffy.

My mission is simple: make sure everyone at your assisted living is able to hear the best they possibly can.

This is not a new concept, just a new application. We see  our hearing service subscribers every 35 days. Why? Because at any given time, the data from our last 500 face to face visits shows that patients who reside in assisted livings need a little help with their hearing aids after 35 days. These same people did not need this kind of  help before moving to an assisted living. I know first hand the frustration of a family member that can't understand what you are trying to communicate, or when someone's hearing aid isn't functioning. It becomes especially difficult when the conversation topics are quite serious. You become unsure what your parents really want.

Major life changes are tough. Make sure everyone is in the conversation.







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