Good News!
Mobile hearing services are available at this assisted living.

Live near here? We do concierge house calls, too!

Trillium Woods

5855 Cheshire Parkway




(763) 553-7600

Services Below Available - Verified on 05/05/2020

Hearing Aid Diagnostics

Let one of our experts ensure you that your hearing aids are performing the way the should. If they aren't, we will arrange repair with the manufacturer. You will get a free "loaner" hearing aid while yours is being repaired.


Does something sound tinny, squeaky or hollow with your hearing aids? A simple reprogramming from one of our experts might solve the problem.

Hearing Subcription

What is a hearing subscription? We are glad you asked! Simply put, it is an all inclusive pampering of your hearing senses once a month for only $45/ear. Yes, the hearing aid is included with this. No need to spend thousands of dollars!

Hearing Tests

Has your hearing changed in the past year? Find out and we can reprogram your current hearing aids and devices.

Hearing Aid Sales

Time for a new set of hearing aids? We've got you covered in the comfort of your own home.


We repair all makes and models of hearing aids. We also provide you with a free "loaner" hearing aid while yours is being repaired. Don't miss the conversation!

From the assisted living community  website:

Senior Living Community in Plymouth, Minnesota
A natural fit for the way you live.

There’s a reason you’re attracted to Minnesota. Maybe it’s the people and the culture or being close to family and friends. Maybe living somewhere with four distinct seasons makes you smile. Or maybe there’s just something indescribable about its wide-open spaces and clear starry nights that speaks to your heart and soul. While it can be hard to fully describe what makes this area so special, when you feel it, you know you’re home.

Like the unique state of Minnesota, Trillium Woods is unlike other retirement communities. We’re Plymouth, MN’s only Life Plan Community with LifeCare®, and we offer a wide variety of activities and amenities for you to enjoy and helpful services to ensure you have more time to enjoy them. Plus LifeCare® gives you the confidence to fully embrace what you love to do, knowing there’s a smart, practical plan in place to deal with whatever the future holds.






P.O. Box 9, Phoenix, AZ 85001