Good News!
Mobile hearing services are available at this assisted living.

Live near here? We do concierge house calls, too!

Avinity Senior Living

7645 Lyndale Avenue South





Services Below Available - Verified on 05/05/2020

Hearing Aid Diagnostics

Let one of our experts ensure you that your hearing aids are performing the way the should. If they aren't, we will arrange repair with the manufacturer. You will get a free "loaner" hearing aid while yours is being repaired.


Does something sound tinny, squeaky or hollow with your hearing aids? A simple reprogramming from one of our experts might solve the problem.

Hearing Subcription

What is a hearing subscription? We are glad you asked! Simply put, it is an all inclusive pampering of your hearing senses once a month for only $45/ear. Yes, the hearing aid is included with this. No need to spend thousands of dollars!

Hearing Tests

Has your hearing changed in the past year? Find out and we can reprogram your current hearing aids and devices.

Hearing Aid Sales

Time for a new set of hearing aids? We've got you covered in the comfort of your own home.


We repair all makes and models of hearing aids. We also provide you with a free "loaner" hearing aid while yours is being repaired. Don't miss the conversation!

From the assisted living community  website:

Growing older…living with spirit

For more than 40 years, Avinity, formerly known as Twin City Christian Homes, has been developing and managing independent senior living communities throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area. In 2012, Avinity also expanded its independent senior living options into greater Minnesota. We combine extensive management experience with a compassionate faith-based environment to create exceptional communities where aging is all about living well. Older adults can thrive in their social, spiritual and personal lives, and their families can have the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe, secure and well cared for.
Experience, commitment, compassionate care

Skilled administrators manage each of our senior housing communities and supervise on-site staff to ensure they meet the highest standards of management and customer service. Each community has a live-in caretaker to handle after-hours emergencies and a chaplain who provides non-denominational spiritual care for the residents.

Avinity staff are experienced in operating a home care agency as well as other supportive services such as dining programs, transportation, activities and social services. We believe these valuable services help residents live healthier, more active and more fulfilling lives. Avinity also provides professional contract management, including a full range of administrative, property management and financial services.

At the core of Avinity

Inspired by God’s love, Avinity creates communities for older adults that nurture body, soul and spirit. We do that by embracing these core values:

Excellence - we have high standards; we seek to be innovative.
Compassion - we open our hearts to residents, caring for the whole person - body, soul and spirit.
Respect - we hear and support the needs of others; we work to build trust.
Integrity - we consistently adhere to high ethical standards and best practices.
Fellowship - we encourage an inclusive, spiritual community.
Stewardship - we use our resources prudently.






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