Good News! Mobile hearing services are available this assisted living.

Abiitan Mill City

428 South 2nd Street





Services Below Available - Verified 09/01/2019


We repair all makes and models of hearing aids. We also provide you with a free "loaner" hearing aid while yours is being repaired. Don't miss the conversation!


Time for a new set of hearing aids? We've got you covered in the comfort of your own home.


Has your hearing changed in the past year? Find out and we can reprogram your current hearing aids and devices.


What is a hearing subscription? We are glad you asked! Simply put, it is an all inclusive pampering of your hearing senses once a month for only $45/ear. Yes, the hearing aid is included with this. No need to spend thousands of dollars!


Does something sound tinny, squeaky or hollow with your hearing aids? A simple reprogramming from one of our experts might solve the problem.


Let one of our experts ensure you that your hearing aids are performing the way the should. If they aren't, we will arrange repair with the manufacturer. You will get a free "loaner" hearing aid while yours is being repaired.

From the assisted living community  website:

Welcome to Abiitan Mill City, Minneapolis’ only Community of its kind in the cultural heart of downtown, where warmth and hospitality mix with excitement and adventure to help you continue to pursue living well. The enriching downtown life surrounding Abiitan means access to endless opportunities that allow you to live well- the way you define it. Arts and culture, educational and wellness opportunities, sporting events, musical events and concerts, shopping, and endless social & cultural opportunities mean you can pursue your passions and continue to expand your horizons- at a true Community that provides a plan for the future. Abiitan is art. It is a lifestyle. Abiitan is a pursuit of living well. It is a curated combination of services and amenities built on Ecumen’s years of experience serving residents and their families. Abiitan means enjoying services, art, and amenities, with events and activities planned to engage and excite. Each day is the experience you create…